About Us

Turning ugly truths into something beautiful

Who Are We?

You9ted is a clothing brand with an agenda of its own. We want to promote unity amongst believers and non-believers by exposing negative misconceptions about the church and non-believers and focusing on the things we can agree on. As a human race, there is so much more that we can agree on; so many ways that we are the same. We want to change the way things have always been and encourage a new normal that binds us together instead of keeps us divided. We are You9ted!

What’s the story behind your brand?

You9ted was birthed out of necessity. As a company rooted in Christianity, we are fully aware of the negative stigma surrounding Christians, The Church, and the “perfect people” that identify as such. We see, how quickly Christianity is losing ground with each generation after another. Many non-believers have experienced first-hand, or are well-informed of the hypocritical, cruel, and unrelatable voice of The Church. Many are justified in their opinions, no doubt about it. We want to fix this. You9ted’s vision is to expose the ugly truths, walk in The Church’s true calling, and look good while doing so.

Why is your brand unique?

You9ted uniquely blends fashion, truth, and evangelism. You will be hard-pressed to find another company that is as transparent as we are, as passionate about our message, and looks as fly doing it. All other Christian clothing lines push the traditional message, has little influence on this cause, and/or just isn’t fashionable.

Why should customers choose you?

We wholeheartedly accept our customers as whoever they are, and whoever they want to be. When you wear You9ted, you’re not just thoughtlessly flaunting a t-shirt. You wear You9ted with purpose to start a conversation, to be a change-agent, and/or to share your story. No cliché ideas, concepts, and scriptures that you’ve seen a thousand times before. We may stand on the same side as other Christian clothing lines, but we are not the same.

What are your brand values?


It’s not enough to say, “Jesus loves you.” While this is a fact, it’s been said a thousand times before. You9ted challenges us all to love each other, just as He does. We are His hands and feet down here. It does us no good to go on and on about a God that nobody can see loving us, if we can’t demonstrate that same love.


“The joy of the Lord is my strength…” Well, if you’ve got it, ACT LIKE IT! Joy isn’t all smiles, all the time. But if your face is frowned up every time you interact with non-believers, you’re going to have a hard time convincing them that the Lord has given you joy. As human beings, we must feel what you’re saying to believe it’s true. You9ted promises to demonstrate the joy on the outside that God has put on the inside.


Peace of mind is your portion! You9ted is a brand that you can trust, above all else to be honest. What you see, is exactly what you get. There are no hidden agendas, no scams, no nonsense. We provide you with the security you need to make a purchase confidently. We protect your privacy, your opinion, and your purchase. We work diligently to ensure that you receive quality products, on time. If there’s ever a problem, we will do everything in our power to protect your peace by providing you with exceptional customer service.


“Why y'all so mean?” You9ted understands the reputation that Christians have shaped for themselves over the years. It’s not good, we know. That’s why our goal is use a sweet potato pie approach to help the world understand, how we make you feel is important to us. This means that we will value your opinion, empathize with how you feel, and communicate with you out of love.


“We’re good. Y'all are bad.” While it’s rare to find a Christian that would just come right out and say that, most times, this is how we make non-believers feel. You9ted vows to exemplify goodness, that is to be morally virtuous to all people. Believers and non-believers. All men, women, boys and girls; any age, sex, race, or belief system. You are all worthy of goodness.