To Take Offense? Or Not Take Offense? That’s the Question!

“Happy to be Younited if you could leave religion out of it.”

 Last week, this comment was left on a Facebook ad of ours. In the past, I would’ve used this opportunity to tell them why they’re wrong. Instead, I chose to use this as an opportunity to educate. I didn’t feel slighted in any way by this comment and it turned out to be a teaching moment for us both. Let me tell you a few things that this comment has caused me to devote my attention to.

  1. I realize just how necessary You9ted is. Religion is often a “sore spot,” a conflict area, a divisive tool, the battleground of judgement, etc. Therefore, people often feel that you must pick and choose religion or marketplace. Until now, there haven’t been many spaces where the two can healthily coincide so, I totally get it! There’s been plenty of times where I’ve found my adrenaline rushing in when approaching a “touchy,” religious topic in an “unreligious” setting. Religion has to stop being the point where we walk away from the conversation, and start being the place where we lay our weapons down!
  2. I commit to not allow someone else’s negative opinion of Christianity to keep me from allowing them to be You9ted in love and help us to accomplish some good! Let’s face it, the truth is EVERYBODY ain’t EASY to love. You’ll quickly hold on to some and never let them go, while others…. Let’s just say it’ll take a little practice! I know that some people won’t give You9ted a warm welcome with open arms. They’ll need more information, more demonstrations, and more revelation before hopping on board, and I’m perfectly okay with that! It’s cool, my light shines bright, it can handle a little shade!
  3. Never, will I EVER hide the fact that this company is ONLY in existence because the God that I serve gave me this assignment. Never will I ever stop proudly representing Him in everything that I do! With me, what you see is what you get. I won’t stuff Jesus down your throat, I promise! He lives inside of me, so I don’t feel the need to prove how saved I am to anyone. I do not get gratification out of condemning those who choose not to believe what I believe. Understand that my goal is not to “convert” you, my goal is to change the world through the power of love. That’s what I have been commissioned to do!

Life is too short to be easily offended by someone else’s truth. In the world there’s so much healing to do, so many miracles that need to manifest, so many lives to transform and so little time to do it. So, let’s put the religious discords aside and get to work!

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