There's Nothing Like Walking In Your Calling

There's Nothing Like Walking In Your Calling

Happy Monday Jr! AKA, Tuesday

Come on in, take this grab n’go snack-size read and carry on with your fabulous day!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Bible-thumping believer, an Atheist, or anything in between, typically people feel like there’s something they were “born to do.” The problem is, there’s a lot of (work)space {did you see what I did there?} between your current job and what you were born to do.

For most people currently active in the workforce, their job is the necessary evil that keeps the lights ON, and your stuff from getting put OUT! There are others that have worked themselves into a charming career. Then there are those that have been blessed to get paid to do what their passionate about. Even more rare, are those that hit the jackpot by making a living from their philanthropic devotions.

So how do you know what you were born to do?

When the monotony of your job and just doing what you’re “good at,” turns into the joy of monetizing your passion! When you’re excited about the commitment of making it an official career! When you have this new-found peace of mind and peace in your heart because you know that your philanthropic work is also helping you to secure your financial future!

That sweet spot is called “walking in your calling.”

And you may not have arrived there yet, but guess what?

Your calling is waiting on you! And YOUR calling won’t accept ANYbody else for the job! There’s enough room for you to comfortably walk in your calling alongside me walking in mine! The real magic happens when we’re both walking in our calling, together, changing the world at 2x’s the rate because of a little something called collaboration! Everybody wins, no L’s in sight!

So, get in tune! Get focused! Drop that fear like a bad habit and allow your virtual hype man (me) to encourage you today!

You’ve got this! You’ve already got everything you need. Now, go look in the mirror, fix that crown and discover what you were ­called, born, created, destined, purposed, etc. {circle all that apply}, TO DO!

Until you find it, never forget that you were born to evolve, love, and save!



  • Ann

    Hi, Shemari! Love this concept of walking in one’s calling. It’s something I try to teach—and DO. Even if it’s a job I’m not passionate about, there is SOMETHING there that I can be passionate about, even if it’s praying for the people and needs around me there. Keep charging on , dear one!

  • Kathleen Wonders

    This is a beautiful message! I am working on walking in my calling right now. This was so motivating and it definitely brightened up my otherwise gloomy day!

  • Ty

    Yes indeed, there is nothing like walking in your purpose, your calling, your destiny, your passion. I can definitely attest to ALL of this. Your blog is so light and refreshing, looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Omera

    So true. You hit the nail on the head!

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