New Year. Same God.

New Year. Same God.

My take on 2020……. Is the unpopular opinion. Every step of this journey through 2020 has been enlightening, yet difficult; tumultuous, yet relaxing. The peace I’ve found in the mist of this chaotic year can only be attributed to our Unchangeable God. So I’m here to remind you that regardless of what 2021 has in store for you, our God remains in control. Our God remains undefeated. Most importantly, our God changeth not.

  1. 2021. They’re just the numerical marker of the year; 365 days of another  orbit around the sun. If you keep the same 2020 mindset through 2021, your experience will be the same. This can be good, or bad; it all just depends on what kind of mindset you have. You see, God is not obligated to move on your behalf just because we’ve crossed over into a new year. He’s not confined by time in that way. But when your mindset shifts, your world follows suit. I’m not talking about that same cliché garbage you hear every year, “New year. New me,” people getting rid of the “toxic people” in their lives, loosely spoken resolutions, etc. My take is, if you have to wait until the “New Year” to start being a better version of yourself, something’s not quite right, but I digress.

I pray that 2021 brings forth blessings that intimidate your grandest imaginations. I pray that God continues to manifest in everything you put your hands to. I pray that your every move reflects the power and love of our Father. But if those things don’t happen, He’s still every bit of the Almighty God that he’s ever been.

If your 2021 doesn’t go according to your plans, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it won’t change who God is. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that when our world is in shambles, so is God. Make no mistake, He looks low upon us, but He REMAINS on the THRONE! Throughout the historic disasters our world has faced, He’s always been God! As the Alpha & Omega, He’s been here since the beginning and He’ll be here until the end. As the Omniscient One, He knows and sees it all. He reigns and rules over all, so never underestimate His command.

I’m just as excited about 2021 as the next person, but the difference may be that I’m not trying to escape from 2020! I won’t bore you with all the many ways that God has kept His promises to me this year, but just know that I would stay in 2020 for another 10 years if I could (quarantine and all). However, I know that because He’s going to be the SAME GOD in 2021 that He’s been all 2020 long, my future is secure. The lessons I’ve learned this year will resonate in me for the rest of my life. I’ve been on the “stretch” of a lifetime this year, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything this world could ever offer me.

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you made it! That means that He’s been good to you this year too! Maybe you’ve experienced paralyzing loss, maybe you’ve been a victim of traumatic circumstances around you, maybe disappointment has overtaken you. I’m not discounting that things have not been easy, and the feelings that come along are uncomfortable, and overwhelming at times. But He’s the same God that you’ve read about. The same God that rescued you. The same God that performed that miracle in your life. The same God that created you. The same God that protected your ancestors. The same God that’s going to comfort your great-grandchildren 40 years from now! He’s the same today, yesterday, and forever more!


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