Get to Know You9ted!

Get to Know You9ted!

Hey You!

Yes, YOU! Come on in and let me help you to connect with our brand on a more personal level. This is supposed to be a “quick, two-minute read,” so let’s get straight to it!

My name is Shemari Jones. I just made 32 years old a few weeks ago. I’ve got a husband, a kid, a couple degrees and a full-time job that I keep to merely finance this baby of mine that I call You9ted. I’m the owner, CEO, HR Director, Director of Marketing, Sales Manager, Supervisor, & Trainee. You9ted is my newborn, birthed in March earlier this year.

Allow Me to Make It Make Sense For YOU!

Aren’t you tired of hypocritical babble, judgmental poppycock, and religious Pharisees imposing their opinions on what your spiritual journey should look like? I know I am! Nobody can tell me what MY relationship with MY Father should look like. Do what works for YOU! But whatever that looks like, let’s not allow it to infringe on our ability to connect, engage, and network with others!

Truth be told, I’m really not a fan of labeling You9ted a “Christian Clothing Line.” It makes people feel like you must be a Christian to wear it, and that is DEFINITELY not the case! Our line is going to be the meeting ground for people of various religious groups, relationships statuses, titles, beliefs, etc. If you are pro-unity, and anti-divisive, you’re exactly who we’re looking for!

Historically speaking…

We launched in the thick of the pandemic! When we first launched in March, we went the easy “dropshipping,” “unisex t-shirt” route, and it was a disaster! Just like all the other areas of my life, I learn best from my MISTAKES! I truly wish my method for learning was much less… shall we say… painful. This is truly God’s idea; I’m just trying to follow his lead the best way I know how.

Things you should know:

  1. We’re more than a business, we’re a ministry.
  2. Our goal is to unite believers and non-believers.
  3. We are the place where fashion, faith, and evangelism collide
  4. Our brand values are Rooted In Virtue (Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, & Goodness)
  5. Our brand didn’t quite fit in with your typical “Christians Clothing Line,” so we created our own space.

We’re working to completely obliterate this line drawn in the sand between conflicting religious beliefs and practices. We shouldn’t be standing on opposing sides as if we’re in a war against one another. You9ted seeks to find things that we can agree upon. You believe what you want to believe, I’ll do the same, but in the meantime, let’s change the world for the better, together!

I think my time is up! On Wednesday, head over to our Youtube page where you can watch this post instead of read it! It’ll be a little more relaxed without all that reading getting in the way! There we’ll have more of a conversation, despite the fact that I’ll do all the talking. Feel free to comment or ask me questions and I’ll answer in the following video.  

Until then, remember…

You were born to evolve, love, & save!


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