Deliver Us From Religion

Deliver Us From Religion

“The audacity of her!”

“How are you a Christian saying Deliver Us from Religion?”

“She’s a hypocrite!”

“That girl is confused!”

Maaaaaaan Listen! I’m ready for whatever the naysayers got loaded in the cannon! I got about 110 seconds left to catch you up to speed!

  1. In case you slept through last week, we released a new design that reads Deliver Us From Religion.
  2. I know a lot of y’all are scratchin ya heads.
  3. I’m out of itemized points… so let’s just get into it!

I AM NOT RENOUNCING CHRISTIANITY! I rather enjoy being a follower of Christ, but I can do without religiosity of it all! I’ll take ALL of my relationship with Christ and hold all the self-induced extras that the religious folks tend to throw in on the side!

I will continue to scream that religion is used more often as a divisive tool, a point of conflict, and a battleground of beliefs instead of an instrument to spread love throughout the world. We allow other’s religious beliefs and practices to be an excuse as to why we don’t like them, argue with them, or worse, refuse to help them. For some, it’s used just like race, to indorse an illegitimate hierarchy; to sanction a pecking order that is unjustifiably used to oppress, harass, or discriminate against others.

I hate to see denominations derived from the same religious group argue over trivial details; intricacies that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life. As Christians, we build up an inferiority complex because of injudicious perspectives such as:

We baptize “In Jesus Name,” but they baptize “In the Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost!”

WHO CARES, can we celebrate that somebody just got BAPTIZED!?

As an alternative, let’s stop focusing on the religion and promote your relationship with your God instead. Whatever religion you represent, let’s not practice religion out of obligation, or fear of what’s on the other side. In its place, let’s spend time with Him just because you actually enjoy it! Check your heart posture, are you loving your relationship? Or bound by religious expectations?

For those of you Agnostics, just wait, the rest of us will get it together, eventually! In the meantime, be patient with us, and let’s focus on what we can do together to change the world!

Ok, I think I’m over time. The moral of the story is, Lord, please deliver us from religion and into relationship with you.

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