Dear Mama, You STILL Fine!

Dear Mama, You STILL Fine!


Dear Mama, You still fine!


Hey mamas, do you have those war wounds they call stretch marks? Saggy boobies? Feeling a little cow-like with all the breastfeeding? Finally enjoying an empty nest after decades of putting your everything into those offspring? 


Guess what girl, after all you've been through as mommy, you're just as beautiful as the day God first created you! Sometimes we get so absorbed in making sure those little humans look their best, and we're too busy proving to ourselves that we can be entrusted with their lives that we forget about US. We forget about making sure WE look our best! We forget to make sure our outter beauty matches our interior. 


Don't forget who YOU are! Don't lose the essence of your personality, your charisma and your spirit. No matter what shape or size you have, wear your beauty with pride. Don't you know You're God's most precious creation?! He designed YOU especially to bring forth his children in the world and you've been chosen for a specific reason! Your imperfections are just as valuable as your best assets, so own them. Start seeing yourself the way He does, and love and accept every part of you. Love yourself! Affirm yourself! Encourage yourself. Motivate yourself. Be your OWN beauty goals!

Sis, you betta believe you a whole snack! It all starts on the inside, then you'll begin to push yourself to align how you look with how you FEEL!

The glow up is going to be indescribable, but when they ask you what changed, just tell them this.... " I started to believe EVERYTHING that He says about me!" And that's on Mary had a


little lamb!

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