Are You Affirming Yourself?

Are You Affirming Yourself?

You are beautiful! You are gifted! You’re worth respect! You are strong enough for this! You are loved! As women, it’s important for us to constantly remind ourselves of who we are and what we’re capable of. I’m here to encourage you to construct a daily affirmation or mantra to uplift your esteem and focus you!  

For some of us, we believe the affirmations whole-heartedly, and we just need to prompt ourselves to be our best day-to-day. It’s no different than maintaining positive relationships with others, we need to do more than just know they love us, we need to hear and feel what they think about us. We want to know just how much they love us, and regularly. It’s no different with our own self-esteem.

For others, we really don’t believe the statements that are typically used as affirmations. For some of us, we have to overcome low self-esteem issues and past trauma in order to even utter words of affirmation. This, I believe, is the case more often than not. Whether we realize it or not, other people’s negative perception of us sometimes does more damage than we realize. After years of being torn down, bullied, or abused, it can be a real battle every day to figure out what we like about ourselves. Building ourselves up can sometimes be one of the greatest challenges of our lives! But once you have discovered just how great you are, that confidence will carry you through to higher heights than you can imagine.

What’s your love language? Figure it out and apply it to yourself in the same manner you would for the object of your affection. Ultimately, it’s self-care. You say you love yourself, but how are you showing it? Are you making mental notes? Are you being vocal about it? How are you treating YOU? Do you give yourself the same love and attention that you give your kids? Your husband? Your family members and friends? Or are you neglecting yourself at the expense of everyone else? Wherever you are right here today, make a conscious effort to flatter yourself, encourage yourself, and make yourself aware of the greatness that lies within! So, say it with me…

I am more than just a pretty face. I am not just existing, I am living on purpose. My external beauty is a direct reflection of the beauty that resides inside of me. My spirit is at peace, and I choose not to accept anything that will disturb it. I am excited about the great things I’m going to do today. I will be productive, and I will accomplish something that gets me one step closer to achieving my goals. I am someone’s dream come true because whatever my role is, I do it well. Today, I am the best version of myself I have ever been, and I just keep getting better & better…

Now go be great, and remember you were born to evolve, to love, & to save!


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